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LED Lighting and LED Light Controller Installation

LED Lighting and LED light Controller

Do you need help designing and installing LED lighting?

LED is the acronym for light-emitting diodes and is a two-lead secondary light source. They are energy-saving lightbulbs and typically use 25-80% less energy than traditional incandescent luminaries. This leads to lower expenses and a longer lifespan. Compared to incandescent light sources, LED Lighting benefits include smaller size, faster switching and enhanced physical toughness.

Key advantages:

  • Increased sustainability
  • Lower costs
  • Dynamic design options
  • Increased control
  • Durable
  • Higher quality of light

With the recent advancement in technology, LED bulbs have become more commonly used in environmental and task lighting. LED light controller systems are used for a variety of applications including general lighting, traffic signals, automotive headlamps, aviation lighting, advertising, camera flashes and lighted wallpaper.

For commercial buildings with large lighting systems, there needs to be heat and current management with higher accuracy (when compared to compact fluorescent lighting with similar outputs). This is where our expert Kerfoot Integrations team can help. We can implement changes in your building with consideration of your existing technology and working environment. For seamless lighting integration, contact Kerfoot today. We are an award-winning organisation with a proven track record in luminary installation projects.

The LED lamps we use are sourced from reputable manufacturers. Our design and installation team closely monitor industry trends and product innovation to provide Kerfoot clients with the best luminary systems for their buildings. Take control of the lighting in your building and contact our award-winning team today. We’ll help you illuminate your space with style and efficiency.

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LED Lighting Control Systems 

Our technicians can help design and install your new luminary system. The Integrations team will work your new or existing LED light controller system and offer expert recommendations based on your requirements. At Kerfoot, we are a working business – we know what it’s like when work is disrupted. When we are on site, we minimise any disruption to your business so that you can continue work as normal. With careful planning and thorough consultation, our team will move throughout your establishment with as little disturbance as possible.

With a controlled system, you’ll be able to create a lighting design that suits your space. A unique system can increase sustainability and provide your business with dynamic lighting options. Sensors, controllers, drivers, and software combine to supply distinct luminary solutions for organisations.

We aim to provide effective solutions that can minimise your maintenance costs and increase productivity. No matter the size or budget, our technicians can integrate customised lighting systems that address your needs. Your project is in safe hands with our experienced installation team – contact us today to find out more about how your business can benefit.

When you choose Kerfoot to install your LED fixtures, you’re choosing an experienced team of electrical professionals to work on your project. We have had proven success in providing light solutions for businesses. Browse through our past projects for examples of our work. We’re always looking for new companies to collaborate with.

All-Inclusive Service Suite

Our installation team deliver a complete package of lighting and controller services, providing you with a one-stop centre for all your needs. Contact us today to find out more about our lighting and controller packages. We cater for all types of business environments. Simply book a consultation with Kerfoot and discuss your unique spatial requirements and our team will devise a plan that suits you best. With Kerfoot, you can trust that your project will be managed with efficiency and care. Take a look at the first-class Kerfoot process:

  • Consultation– we provide consultations to ensure you have access to solutions suited to your lighting control system requirements, as well as the best practices that will help you use your solutions effectively.
  • Demonstration– we offer demonstration sessions to help you manage your new lighting and control system. We want our clients to be empowered, and able to use their lighting control systems post installation. Navigate your new lighting system with ease with help from our Kerfoot electrical team.
  • Customisation & Design– our team of experts can custom design a solution to meet the specific electrical requirements of your business operation. Each business is unique – we understand that your LED light controller systems need to be unique too. We can create a customised system that fits your needs perfectly.
  • Installation– we install the system in your operating environment to ensure seamless and streamlined operation. Efficient installation processes allow business to continue as normal while we work to install your new system.
  • Management– we offer comprehensive management of your luminary solutions, from integration right through to maintenance and support, giving you a hassle-free experience in managing your chosen solutions.
  • Reliable Support– we are available for ongoing support with your lighting control system. We also provide our clients with access to all of their installation documentation so that you have control of your paperwork, should you need it.

At Kerfoot, we are innovative. We keep up-to-date with the latest lighting technology and improvements. We only use high-quality products from reputable LED lighting suppliers. Our team takes pride in inventive work and we love a challenge. If you want to upgrade your space with contemporary luminary solutions, commission our services today. We will devise a custom commercial lighting plan for your business and implement each plan with diligence.

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